Who We Are

Our Mission

To provide a voice for independent community and compounding pharmacists and the patients they serve to ensure access to quality health care through state and federal advocacy.

Our Vision

Provide access to quality health care through independent community pharmacies that continually improve patients' lives.

Alliance History

The Alliance began in 2004 as a strong group of independent pharmacy investors within the Texas Pharmacy Association‘s Academy of Independent Pharmacists.

Pharmacists responded to concerns of independent community pharmacy by uniting to ensure the future of the practice. As the fastest-growing network investing in the future of community pharmacy in Texas, the goals were simple:

•    Secure our professional future through vigorous advocacy in the legislation and regulation of Texas pharmacy; and
•    Encourage independent pharmacists to actively represent pharmacy’s interest in the political arena—both at the state and local levels.

In 2012, as a part of our commitment to advancing the interests of community pharmacy, the TPA Academy of Independent Pharmacists formed The Alliance of Independent Pharmacist of Texas (Alliance) and became an affiliate of TPA.

In October 2013, the Academy of Compounding Pharmacists joined forces with the Alliance to further unify the practice of independent pharmacy in Texas. 

The Alliance is a not-for-profit corporation and is approved by the IRS as a 501 (c)(6) organization. Alliance funds are dedicated solely to the advancement and advocacy efforts on behalf of community and compounding pharmacy interests at the state and federal level. 

Alliance Past Presidents

2004 - 2005  Jeff Carson, R.Ph.
2005 - 2006  Wilson Taylor, R.Ph.
2006 - 2007  Ed Horton, R.Ph.
2007 - 2008  Bruce McAnally, R.Ph.
2008 - 2009  Joe Weaver, R.Ph.
2009 - 2010  Dennis Song, R.Ph.
2010 - 2011  Ed Horton, R.Ph.
2011 - 2012  Bill Moore, R.Ph.
2012 - 2013  David Spence, R.Ph.
2013 - 2014  Rene Garza, Pharm.D.
2014 - 2015  Anjanette Wyatt, Pharm.D.
2015             Jenny Downing Yoakum, R.Ph. (Appointment to Texas State Board of Pharmacy Sept. 2015)
2015-16        David Spence, R.Ph.
2016-17        Nario Cantú, R.Ph.
2017-18        Mark Newberry, Pharm.D.