Benefits of Membership

The Alliance has an established voice at the Capitol
Even when the Alliance was an academy of Texas Pharmacy Association, independent pharmacists had a voice at the Capitol. Since the inception of investor group in 2001, our voice has become stronger and more focused. 

The Alliance has Compounding Specific Advisory Committee
Compounding Pharmacists can rest assured their voice will be heard through the Alliance. Compounding Pharmacists who don't purchase much volume from participating wholesalers may simply pay $2,400 a year 

The Alliance Investor membership is open to ALL independent pharmacy owners
The Alliance membership is open to ALL independent pharmacists regardless of their wholesaler. Investor dues are .01 percent of monthly wholesaler purchases ($1 for every $1,000) or $200 whichever is higher. The money collected monthly is used to fund advocacy efforts. Pharmacists that don't use a participating wholesalers simply pay $2,400.



Alliance Investor Application