Patient Access to Compounded Medications, H.R. 2871, Needs Your Support

Representative Morgan Griffith (VA), sponsored the Preserving Patient Access to Compounded Medications Act of 2017. This bill amends the Federal, Food and Cosmetic Act to expand the circumstances under which drugs may be compounded (manufactured at small scale) to allow pharmacists and physicians to compound drugs for administration to patients in an office or clinical setting, in accordance with state law.

The bill:

  • eliminates requirement for compounding pharmacies to register with the FDA as drug manufacturers
  • allows for limited, office-use compounding, in accordance with state laws
  • eases limits on dispensing compounded medications across state lines
  • limits scope of FDA inspections of compounding pharmacies to DQSA established standards of practice for 503-A pharmacies, rather than Good Manufacturing Practice standards for drug manufacturers

The bill currently lacks enough support from the House of Representatives to pass.

Call your U.S. House of Representative today to educate them on this important legislation. Who Represents Me?


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