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Representing all independent community and compounding pharmacists in Texas

Independent Community and Compounding Pharmacists

  • Are a vital link to the welfare of Texans in the communities we serve.
  • Build trusted and personal relationships with our patients enabling strong patient safety.
  • Allow better access to care in communities and are often the only medical professional close by, especially in rural Texas.
  • Are highly trained medical professionals and fully understand the chemistry of the human body and how it reacts with different medications.
  • Independent pharmacists work through collaborative practice agreements with physicians for better patient outcomes
  • Provide one-of-a-kind medications for certain surgeries and treatments through our compounding pharmacies.


As the only group in Texas who represents every community and compounding pharmacist, wholesaler, and buying group, our goals are simple: 

  • Unite multiple independent pharmacy interests on legislative and regulatory issues, while promoting the profession;
  • Secure our professional future through vigorous advocacy in the legislation and regulation of Texas; and 
  • Encourage community pharmacists to actively represent pharmacy's interests in the political arena—both at the federal and level.

The Alliance works to educate officials, their staff, and other stakeholders on the importance of community and compounding pharmacists in Texas. 


MCO/PBM Compliant Process

Formal complaints push compliance issues to the appropriate level of enforcement at the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). TDI has created a pharmacy-based complaint process to allow for better oversight of PBM and other health insurer pharmacy benefit coverage compliance issues. 

TDI Pharmacy Resource Page

PBMs—The Real Story

Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) say they reduce drug prices and increase patient access, but the facts just don't bear that out. A new NCPA resource--The PBM Story: What They Say, What They Do, and What Can Be Done About  It--tells the real story of how PBMs got their start as useful claims processors but then morphed into large corporations more interested in extracting profits from the prescription drug supply chain than in ensuring medication affordability and access. 

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