The only organization in Texas representing all community pharmacists, buying groups and wholesalers


The Benefits of Independent Pharmacy

  • We are a vital link to the welfare of Texans in the communities we serve.
  • We build trusted and personal relationships with our patients enabling strong patient safety.
  • We allow better access to care in communities and are often the only medical professional close by, especially in rural Texas.
  • We are highly trained medical professionals and fully understand the chemistry of the human body and how it reacts with different medications.
  • We provide one-of-a-kind medications for certain surgeries and treatments through our compounding pharmacies.

Our Mission

The Alliance exists to ensure the economic viability and security of independent pharmacy in Texas. By providing a forum for those practicing in independent pharmacies to exchange information, develop strategies, goals, and objectives that promote the practice of independent pharmacy. Alliance will positively influence legislative and regulatory issues regarding independent pharmacy within Texas and the United States.

Alliance Membership Benefits

  • The Alliance is open to all independent pharmacy owners.
  • The Alliance has an established, positive voice at the Texas Capitol.
  • The Alliance is Board driven.
  • The Alliance has community and compounding pharmacy specific legislative and strategic communications consultants.
  • Complimentary memberships to the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) and the Texas Pharmacy Association (TPA).

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